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Tim Wildmon says “No PR spin can save UPS on this one: Citigroup Inc. Monday said computer tapes containing account and payment history data, including Social Security numbers, on 3.9 million customers were lost by United Parcel Service, Inc.”
It sure doesn’t say “Jeez we are so sorry this happened we could puke” on the UPS website. In fact, UPS has been pretty damn quiet about this and so has Citbank.
Ever since 1982 when Johnson & Johnson diverted the Tyleonol murders crisis by being honest, there has been a model for how to handle PR in a crisis. Silence just makes the problem fester. Somebody at Citibank and/or UPS should have brought James Bond, Sherlock Holmes and Instector Clouseau in on the case and announced a compensation plan for consumers caught in the fraud net.