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Adrants reports that Gawker has been leaked a memo from stylist Susan Redstone to Mavi Jeans in which she says she’ll feature the brand’s jeans in a 3-4 minute Good Day New York segment in return for $750.
In her colorful and endearing style Gawker, who mistakenly indicates that Redstone works for Good Day, writes: “You know those perky bitches who get on the morning news and tell you what the hot styles are and which colors are best for whatever? Some of them are getting paid off by the brands they push.”
I called Good Day and was told Redstone is not on the show’s staff. “We’ve had her on as a guest before,” the staffer said.
Spokespeople get paid every day to represent products in the media. That doesn’t mean the media is paying them.
PR firms hire stylists who have experience like Redstone’s – and shows like Good Day book them – because they have TV experience and look good on camera. Are they media whores? Sure, but this one isn’t Good Day New York’s whore.