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website_awards.jpgWhile ad agencies ranked high, public relations sites rank among the worst sites on the Internet for copywriting, design and innovation according to the Web Marketing Association’s Webaward Competition based on data collected from nearly 10,000 website evaluations.
The resulting 114-page Internet Standards Assessment Report (free download) provides industry benchmarks from a 10-year study of site in more than 96 industries in 48 countries.
I’ve never seen a great PR agency site, but I’ve also yet to see a great ad agency site. Since most ad agencies have sites filled with flashterbation and are anything but innovative, I have to wonder about the study’s criteria. For example, the study says game sites are the most innovative, but notes that they don’t score high in interactivity, which certainly is the most important element of any game.
Innovation received the lowest average scores across all industries. Overall, said William Rice, president of the Web Marketing Association, sites excelled in content, but failed in ease of use and design, “which may close the door to many users.” Umm, yeah.
Of course much of any judging is subjective, and this study is no different. Still, there is much to be learned and many cool sites to visit. Posted by B.L. Ochman
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