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Of course nobody has to give me a press pass, but most conferences do, since I write about conferences not only for this blog, but also for MarketingVox, MarketingProfs, and several other high visibility blogs and publications. But BlogOn, a blog event with a PR firm, has denied me a press pass. And guess what? BlogOn’s PR firm, Porter Novelli, has no blog! At least not one that shows up in a Google search for “Porter Novelli Blog”
Gee, it sure sounds like a PR firm’s revenge for my snarky attitude about PR firms. Here’s what Porter Novelli said:
Thanks for your note B.L.
While we certainly would like more bloggers involved in the event, the number of press passes available is quite limited and reserved for a short list of folks that meet the expectations of the events speakers,innovators and sponsors.
That said, I do know that there are a limited number of discounted passes available for the blogging community at the significantly discounted rate of $695. [name ommitted] BlogOn’s marketing director can provide you with the registration code.
[Name Ommitted]
Senior Vice President
Porter Novelli
Many Minds. Singular Results.

No Thanks! was my response.
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