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PR people just kill me. Today, Julie Szabo at Capulet Communications emailed me to tell me that “As an advocate for using blogs and RSS as PR and marketing tools, I thought you might be interested in Nooked, an online RSS service designed for PR and marketing professionals.”
The email pointed to a release with the dumbass headline “Nooked Rescues Corporate Communications With Online RSS Service.” Nooked is a service that lets PR firms publish their press releases with RSS feeds on the Nooked site and through their own press rooms.
Nothing is said in the release or on the site about how journos will be enticed to read the press releases in the feeds.
The website invites visitors to download a presentation about the product in which Dan Gillmor is quoted and his name misspelled. I bet that thrills him.
“The idea behind Nooked is to make publishing RSS feeds as easy as sending email, which removes any technical barriers that might discourage marketing folks from using RSS.” Of course Nooked couldn’t find a way to get this release to me via an RSS feed. Duh.
The company has a blog about RSS feeds, and if the publicist knew how to promote the blog, its RSS feed could have made the announcement.