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In a recent letter to the New York Times, Deborah Radman, chairwoman, Counselors Academy, Public Relations Society of America, defends ghost writing by PR people as simply providing professional help to clients, including government scientists.
“Often researchers, subject-matter experts, corporate executives and government officials are not trained in writing for lay audiences, the media or professional journals. Some who may be fine writers simply don’t have the time,” she wrote.
I’ve ghost-written for many dozens of clients over the years. And I think hiring someone who does write well is a good idea for an awful lot of executives. When ghosting gets dicey is when the writing is used not to tell the story, but to spin it, sanitize it, or rationalize it.
While I happen to agree with Ms. Radman on this issue, I think the PRSA Counselors Academy is an archaic, irrelevent, out-of-touch group that needs to join the real world in a hurry before their profession goes completely down the drain.