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toilet_paper.jpgI know this is neurotic, but one of the things that makes me feel secure is having lots of toilet paper in the closet. So when I read about the “Toilet Paper for Life Sweepstakes,” I signed right up. Wish me luck.
uClean, Salt Lake City, Utah-based janitorial supply company is running the “Toilet paper for Life Sweepstakes.” The grand pirze winner — sign up on the Website — wins 3,840 rolls of TP.
That’s enough, the company press release says, to last the average person 76 years. It’s also enough TP to roll 242.4 miles. The winner can select a charitable organization that will recieve a matching amount of toilet paper.
The consumer-oriented contest seems a bit off the mark for industrial supplier uClean, but it’s still a fun idea.
uClean’s site cries out for a blog. The company could keep people up to date on the contest, have toilet paper art contests, and solicit customer bathroom stories and jokes.