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white_people.pngBy B.L. Ochman I’ve been delighted to see some interesting new blogs popping up lately, from both corporations and consultants. Not the usual blah blah blog, but blogs with a purpose and a point of view, with fresh content, community features, and great writing.
Despite the vast numbers of blogs tracked by Technorati and others, less than 50,000 probably have any real audience. But these new blogs look like they could have staying power. Take a look.
And please let me know about any great new blogs you’ve discovered so I can put together compilation posts like this on a regular basis., by Kiyoshi Martinez is “for the underpaid, overworked, frustrated, pissed off and ignored media professionals to publicly and anonymously vent their anger. Share your story. With any luck, you’ll feel better.” Like Twitter, angryjournalist has a simple prompt for visitors: “Why are you angry today?”
Rachel Happe is blogging about how social media is changing organizations and media at The Social Organization
Stuff White People Like, a blog devoted to stuff white people like. Hilarious idea, and spot on.
Variety, the stalwart show business trade, has launched The Biz, a social network for the entertainment community.
Kenneth Cole’s Awearness, has daily updates by a team of writers with four pillars of discussion: Social Rights, Well-Being, Political Landscape and Hard Times.
Dell’s Regeneration blog, about going green, seeks successful and innovative ideas brought to life by a wide range of industries, plus tips on how to change everyday habits and techniques to adopt to make a world of difference.
And, No More Bad Hair Days, the blog I recently launched for to share “Everything there is to know about hair extensions,” is already building audience participation and traffic.