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surface.pngBesides saying that they now see Google as their chief competitor, Microsoft announced that they will soon launch Surface, kind of a table-sized iPhone touch screen with e-commerce capabilities, according to the Surface demo. Hugh Macleod had live coverage of the conference, and Steve Ballmer’s (god I love that vdeo!) speech on Twitter.
Surface looks very cool, and is set to launch at hotels and businesses, with a home model not far behind. Gizmodo says Microsoft Surface’s final price is still undecided, “but it looks like somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 will get you one of these to use in your business.”
Microsoft has always lacked Apple’s coolness factor and marketing acumen. And without that, it remains to be seen whether businesses will be ready to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for something gimmicky that could be old hat before you can say “Apple innovation.”