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Larry Larsen of wonders if Apple will just go after bloggers, or if they’ll also sue CNET for disclosing trade secrets.
Apple sued several bloggers for disclosing what Steve Jobs claims are trade secrets.
Last Friday, CNET’s quoted anonymous sources saying that Apple was going to ditch IBM and switch to Intel. Apple just made the official announcement yesterday.
Will Apple sue a news organization that can afford adequate legal representation, or is it only going after bloggers?
One of the purposes of Media Bloggers Association is to provide legal assistance through the MBA Legal Defense Fund to bloggers in situations like these. Nonetheless, a suit coming from a company with as much dineros as Apple would be hard for any blogger or group of bloggers to fight.
I’m still trying to figure out why Steve Jobs would want to sue his biggest fans, the bloggers fanatical enough about his products to want to tell the world about them.