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MarketingSherpa says you should include your brand name in every headline of your blog posts so that people who read your RSS feeds on Yahoo or MSM or one of the scores of aggregators will know they are yours. Otherwise, says Sherpa, consumers may think the content is presented by Yahoo, etc, and not by you. Consumers care about information, not about you.

Sherpa notes that RSS is poorly promoted, if at all. As many as 50 million of the 75 million consumers and businesspeople in the USA and UK who use RSS on a regular basis even know what RSS is. Yet, when W. Atlee Burpee & Co (the garden seed people) launched a trial RSS feed featuring ‘seed of the day’ last year, sales shot up like, well, sprouts.

There’s lots of juicy advice in this must-read article, including how to get your RSS feed included in MyYahoo!
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Hat tip to Joan Stewart