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joga.jpgGoogle and Nike have teamed up to create, a MySpace-like social networking site for soccer fans worldwide that reflects a rare understanding of Web 2.0 marketing, and jettisons Google into the community-building arena that has long eluded them. The name comes from “joga bonita” which translates to “play beautiful.” Hey! Let me in!
Unlike the old school push messages that still dominate what is passed off by ad agencies as interactive marketing, allows members to create the content and have a voice in the shape of the community.
Members of the free network will be able to create websites and send e-mail, photos, and video clips, create blog, and access Nike content related to athletes the company sponsors, such as Brazilian superstar Ronaldino or U.S. soccer prodigy Freddy Adu.
Invitation only for now, is live and will soon be running in 140 countries and 14 languages, according to Businessweek.
Unlike MySpace and its competitors, is based on a single topic. Other sports-based communities could follow. Posted by B.L. Ochman