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Bob Lutz, GM Vice-Chairman, is podcasting at Fast Lane Blog. Lutz addresses the SUV fuel efficiency issue, saying thnat new full-size sport utility vehicle and full-size pickup trucks have crossed the magic 20 mile per gallon mileage threshhold “betwen urban use and highway.” And he says GM will have 2-mode full-hybrid system in ’07 that “is superior to Japanese models” and will give a 25 percent boost in fuel economy. However, since fuel efficiency certainly didn’t just become an issue, it all seemed pretty bland to me.
Lutz Explains His Passion for Blogging
Lutz talked about his passion for blogging. He said that one of his biggest frustrations has always been that “the media has the voice and you don’t” unless you buy advertising. But such advertising, he said, is distrusted so a medium like a blog is extremely effective when you want to state your point of view or correct something.
He said he thinks the media reads the Fast Lane blog, and gets “therapeutic value” by seeing that “this isn’t a one-way street.” He added the company’s direct access to customers, in the long term, could pose a threat to conventional print media.
Some criticism:
– The interview was too long. Just because podcasts let you talk forever doesn’t mean you should.
– The questions were too scripted.
– Mr. Lutz sounded like he had a really bad cold, which is kinda distracting.