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A conversation about Bacon’s Media Source‘s monitoring of blogs indicates disagreement in the PR community about Bacon’s decision to monitor what it describes as “the 250 most reputable blogs.”
But who is Bacon’s to make the decision about who the influencers are in the blogosphere? What is their decision-making process? How are they measuring reputation and influence? Are they using a tracking service like Technorati, Cyberalert of PubSub to follow blogs?
Why doesn’t Bacon’s hire an influential blogger, or two, to track what’s influential and hot in the blogosphere? THAT would make sense.
I know from my own experience that mere readership numbers have little to do with blog influence. I don’t have 80 million readers a month (far from it) and yet, within days, my challenge to PRSA to include blogging in their 2004 Conference resulted in my being invited to speak at the conference.
Bacon’s: What do you say? Don’t you at least want input from bloggers about what you should track?