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IBM_Watson.jpgIBM’s OnDemand website did a soft launch today of a new blog by 14-year IBM veteran Todd Watson. No fanfare, no press release. Just a terrific new blog with a laugh-out-loud sense of humor. “Really, Watson, you excel yourself.” It’s one of the many new IBM blogs on the drawing board.
“Here’s the deal: I’m your new IBM blogger. I know your purchase order didn’t mention anything about getting a blogger, but one of our recent market research studies indicated that you wanted one, and I happened to be standing in a hallway in Armonk with a red target painted on my forehead.
…the average life expectancy of the corporate blogger has recently dwindled close to that of the average fruit fly. I figure that now that I’ve started blogging, I’m out of here within the next few hours.
…assuming I continue to be employed by IBM in the coming days, bookmark this site or add it to your RSS reader, because we’re about to embark on a virtual adventure the likes of which have never been seen in the Blogosphere, the Biosphere, or any other virtual/human-inhabited environment.”

Watson’s bio says he’s “responsible for helping drive the strategy and optimization of the IBM Software Group Web presence. His longstanding personal mission at IBM has been to use the Web to drive business effectiveness and efficiencies via the Web, and to better serve IBM customers leveraging the unique capabilities of the Internet.”
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