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Everybody’s selling. I certainly don’t recall giving anyone permission to email me with a sales pitch when I downloaded the Intelliseek/Edelman Trust “Media” report on blogging that Intelliseek published with Edelman PR. But hey, maybe the permission was in the small print. It’s not like nobody else sends out emails to people who download their reports.
However, since this was a report about blogging and bloggers, and one of the publishers is a PR firm, — and I was even quoted in the report — I’m surprised nobody looked at the list to see if they’d be pitching bloggers who’d written about either company in the past.
Here’s an excerpt from an email I got this morning from Intelliseek: “I noticed that you downloaded the Intelliseek/Edelman Trust “Media” white paper. Did you get a chance to read through it yet? So what did you think? Did it ring true?
So what now? … If you have come to the realization that you “can’t afford to ignore it” then let me know that too. For as little as $25K your company could be on top of the thousands or tens of thousands of consumer conversations being read each day by seeking consumers.
Let’s chat soon,