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cingularbandit100.jpgHere’s another big company making another big mistake. Ben Popken reports that Cingular’s lawyers — who can’t spell — have sent Consumerist a lawyer letter demanding that they take down posts that show how Cingular determines a customer’s “long term value” or “LTV.” This LTV is used to determine how many discounts they will give you to prevent you from cancelling your account. Here’s Consumerist’s response:

“We’ll be keeping the hot property up until our legal team tells us otherwise.We are Unicron, eater of worlds. Your attacks only make us stronger!”

Here’s the Cingulair lawyer letter.

“Subject: Legal Complaint Date: 7/27/2006 7:21 PM
Please call me promptly. You have proprietary and copyrighted document on your sight (url at bottom below) that belongs to us, Cingular Wireless. We want it removed from your site.
Thank you.
Glenn Blumstein
Chief Counsel – IP & Network
Cingular Wireless

Dear Cingular lawyers: What you’ve done now is create a meme. Dumb, dumb, dumb. The truth is, I’d missed the post in Consumerist, but bloggers are not going to miss a post about a big company suing a blogger. We don’t like when that happens, and we rally round the blogger who’s being bullied.Don’t mess with bloggers!
The letter looks like a joke because they misspell “site” and are gramatically challenged. Notice how site is misspelled at first. As Popken notes, the gist is “All your document are belong to me.”