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I’ve been invited by the New Orleans chapter of the AMA to speak about business blogging in April. I’ve never been there so I want to stay a few extra days. I went online to look for a bed and breakfast so i could get the real flavor or the town without staying in a cookie cutter hotel.
On Thursday, I found a site called Bed & Breakfast, Inc. and filled out their form to get a price quote.
I finally got an email from them today telling me that, since the French Quarter Festival is going on during my stay, there is a four-day minimum.
Then they tell me, “If you can stay longer, please let us know. Feel free to check back with us as minimums can change. Sincerely, B&B Inc.” And guess what? There’s not even the name of a contact person in the email.
Thanks guys, I made my plans without your lousy customer service or your outdated website.
Incredible that companies still think this kind of customer service is enough to make a successful online business work.