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I’ve been a subscriber to the NY Times print edition for at least the past 25 years. I am one of the few people I know who even read a print newspaper anymore. But I am cancelling my weekday subscription to the NY Times because their customer service stinks.

And, dear NY Times and other corporations, here’s the bottom line if your customer service stinks, nothing else matters.

I like holding a paper in my hands. I like laying on the couch with the paper, and I even like seeing the ads. I like the heft of the NY Times, and I like that I know how to fold it the way New Yorkers fold their NY TImes.

I have called, and called, spoken to clerks, floor supervisors, “customer resolution specialists” and even got an email back from the public editor saying he’d forwarded the problem to higher-ups.

And still, when I open my door in the morning, I have to run down the hall in my nightie to get the NY Times, which is carelessly tossed from the elevator to wherever it lands.

Here we are in an era where print journalism is all but dead. And yet, something as basic and fundamental as customer service eludes The NY Times. I’m sure the editors and the management are not concerned about customer service. But they should be.

So, dear NY Times, that’s it. No customer should have to make half a dozen calls about a problem and not get the issue resolved.

I’ve been patient. I’m done. Goodbye weekday NY Times.