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Dear Delta Airlines: Delta’s customer service sucks, and therefore, nothing you do in social media, advertising, PR or marketing matters one bit. Here’s a hint: Instead of being concerned about your next M&Ms flavor, you need to be concerned about your customers.
flyingbear.pngYour customer service rep IS Delta Airlines
A little while ago, a Delta customer service rep hung up on me when I asked her name. That was after she told me “we don’t make seating arrangements over the phone.” And after she couldn’t answer a simple question about how to print a boarding pass on your website.
It doesn’t matter if corporate says it cares, or if your ads promise good customer service. What matters is that one hourly wage person who answers your phone screws up your company’s public face.
That customer service rep is Delta. And she is proof that your company doesn’t care about its customers.
Hourly employees create your bottom line results
When you come right down to it, it’s almost always the hourly employees who have actual contact with actual customers who create your bottom line results. It makes great economic sense to empower them to solve a problem with one phone call.
Yet day after day, poorly paid employees, who are not empowered to make even their own simple decisions, handle the most important thing any company has – customers. It’s really time for that policy to change.
Customers matter. Treat us like you know that.
Delta dear, in case you haven’t noticed, the airline industry is in crisis, and the country is in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.
Customers count. Time to treat us like you know that.