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Comcast Bad Service

On episode 56 of The Beyond Social Media Show, we discussed the worst social media case of the week: Comcast’s customer service. It’s so awful that it’s gone viral – again!

This week, a hapless Comcast rep spent 12 minutes refusing to cancel a customer’s service. The customer recorded the call and, since then, more than 4 million people have listened to the tape.

The rep’s performance topped even the infamous 2006 viral incident when a Comcast rep fell asleep on customer’s couch while waiting on hold to talk to his own company.

Comcast is only #6 on the most hated customer service list. That means there are 5 others hated even more – with Time-Warner Cable at the top of the list (no suprise there)

Could Comcast, or any big company do better? Is it possible to provide great customer service on a huge scale? Ask Zappos, or LL Bean.

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