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Too much hype about blogs, says Slate. Too many cover stories about blogs, says Slate. Like the 1999 warnings about the Internet bubble, says Slate, blogs have just hit their top.
As I have often said, and as Steve Hall at Adrants has eloquently noted, blogs are just a type of easy-to-publish website. They are not the second coming.
Blogs run on database-driven software that can be used for interactive communication. If the content is consistenly interesting, the blogger can build an audience, even if he/she is not already an “A-lister.”
The use of blogs in marketing, which I demonstrated when I created The Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt for Budget Car Rental, and at which Brian Clark is a master, is in its infancy.
There’s a long way to go before blogs hit their stride, let alone their business peak.
Look for 10 more blogs are dead stories next week. Sigh.
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