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eyetools_heatmap.pngMarketing Sherpa is holding a free teleconference on Tuesday, Feb. 15 at 2 pm EST to demonstrate the results of their new Landing Page Eyetracking Study. Anne Holland is not the type to hold a press conference for the fun of it, so there is sure to be really useful information available.
Holland claims that Marketing Sherpa increased paid conversions on a landing page when the layout was changed on the basis of Study results. Not a word of the copy was changed, she says.
Eyetools provides tools and services to measure eye-movement as people look at webpages to quantify what people read, what they don’t read, what they glance at, what they skip, and what they never see…and then they correlate this to their clicks, comments, and actions.
There’s a fascinating Eyetools Research Blog about eyeflow testing of webpages. A recent post shows that their first blog post needed fixing, based on the eyemap above.