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I’ve been in computer misery for the past two days, ever since my brand new Dell computer arrived. Suffice it to say that it took 10 hours to transfer the data from the old to the new. Then I had to re-load a dozen or more programs, personalize the desktop, get my cookies back on all my subscriptions, etc. etc. And my address book is still nowhere to be found.
And today the CD/DVD drive acted up, necessitating a call to Dell Gold Tech Support. The first tech said he doubted that anything was really wrong with the drive and suggested that the problem was really caused by a bad Quicken disk. I bought a $40 upgrade of Quicken, which I didn’t want or need, and was able to download the program.
Hours later, the CD drive would neither read nor write and I called tech support again. The second guy did an hour’s worth of diagnostics on the drive and decided that, as I’d said this morning, it needs to be replaced.
15 Minutes Too Late to Honor Next Day Service
However, since I was on the phone with him until 5:15 p.m., it was now too late for Dell to ship out the drive in time for it to be installed on Wednesday. It would have to wait — despite me paying through the nose for next day on-site service — until Thursday. So at the end of the 4th hour of being on the phone with Dell today, I lost it.
Not Good Enough
I told a customer service supervisor that they simply have to compensate me for my time; for the total incompetence of the first tech; for the ridiculousness of the second tech not ordering the drive before 5 when it was clear there was a problem. There needs to be some consequence when a customer is put through this type of runaround.
So Dell is sending me a digital camera to make me feel better (don’t know how many pixels) but the damn service guy won’t be here until Thursday. But I don’t feel better because my computer still isn’t working properly. Proof of my theory: you can’t get what you want even when you pay for it.
This is what passes for customer service these days. Astounding that Dell is still number one.