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bizweek_logo.jpgHoly mainstream media Batgirl! BusinessWeek’s cover story is titled “Blogs Will Change Your Business.” The theme, Catch up…or catch you later
How big are blogs? Try Johannes Gutenberg out for size.
Why does this matter? Think of the implications for businesses of getting an up-to-the-minute read on what the world is thinking.

The article launches Businessweek’s blog, Blogspotting
Pretentiously, it mentions “Dan” in a post (sorry can’t provide the link since there are no permalinks) as if the entire world of suits knows they mean Dan Gillmor. C’mon, get real!
UPDATE 4/22: Heather Green wrote: “I read a post on another site taking me to task for only using the first name of someone I was linking to. Lesson learned, and onward and upward!”