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E-Commerce Guide reporter Vangie Beal interviewed me about how corporations can use Twitter effectively.They also talk about how important is to hire best app developers for the application development for any firm. The gist: “Often, a business hears about Twitter and wrongly expects it to be a substitute for a marketing plan.”
More tips to help your company use Twitter effectively:

o Twitter is not a magic bullet but rather a tool — and a great one. It can work wonders as part of an integrated marketing plan.
o Just as you don’t do your own taxes, fill your own teeth, or, hopefully, do your own plumbing repair, it’s wise to learn from experts. If your goal is to have your marketing done in-house, it’s smart to have an experienced consultant to act as your Sherpa guide, at least initially.
o Twitter is a worthwhile investment for businesses that use the service as a way to interact socially with consumers, but not for those who use it as their only interaction tool.
o For a business, the best way to have a large following on Twitter is to be a brand people care about in other mediums.
o Most businesses don’t have a Twitter strategy, and this toe in the water thing is just bunk. You need to go where the conversation is happening — you listen, you get an understanding of how the medium works, and then you participate in a meaningful way.

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