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CNET reports that Yahoo! will launch a new self-serve ad network “tailored to bloggers and other small Web publishers, a move that homes in on Google’s territory.”
I have earned exactly $1.32 cents from two years of Google Adsense on this blog. Waa hoo. That’s because Google ad layouts are totally inflexible, not to mention boring. Let’s hope Yahoo lets bloggers decide where ads will run, and what categories they want to run, or not.
UPDATE: The new Yahoo! service, called ContentMatch, has launched. So now we can have more ads from our competitors on our sites and, as Steve Hall pointed out in Adrants, “even more airline ads placed right next to news items about the latest plane crash.” For example, there’s an ad for a travel press release service on my blog, along with my ad for my e-book, “Press Releases From Hell and How to Fix Them”, which contains the line “The Traditional Press Release Is Dead!”, and a link to my article, “Press Releases Are a Colossal Waste of Time”. If I paid for the travel press release service ad I’d be pissed off.