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tortoise_hare.jpgI’ve decided to start an unscientific project tracking how long it takes a story to get from the blogosphere to The New York Times. In the case of bloggers getting fired for what they write on their personal blogs, it’s been about five months, according to this BlogPulse conversation tracker.
Today’s Times article mentions Electronic Frontier Foundation’s much criticized recommendation that workplace bloggers should blog anonymously. That story was reported widely by bloggers 10 days ago.
We reported on a list of blogger-hostile companies back in January including our blog friend and colleague Jeremy Wright. That was around the time the Delta blogger, Ellen Simonetti, got her wings clipped.
Curt Hopkins published a list of fired bloggers in December and The Papal Bull updated it in January.
Today’s Times story notes none of this information, although it tries to offer a balanced view of workplace blogging.
If you’ve noted stories in traditional media long after they were discussed by bloggers, please let me know.