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marketing_Chocolate.jpgI attended a meeting on marketing convergence last night. It asked the question: Web 2.0 – PR vs Advertisers: Can’t We All Just Get Along?
The answer, apparently: No. You can tell, because they have PR vs Advertisers in the title. Doh.
My favorite comment of the night, from a woman who works for Biz Bash and who refused to give me her name (What are you going to do? Write about me?”):

“people who read blogs aren’t very educated.”

I won’t even tell you what she said about bloggers. Or about the guy next to me who kept mumbling “98% of what’s on blogs is BS. It’s all BS.”
The bottom line on the meeting – there is still discussion going on at high levels about whether and how PR and marketing can work together. And whether or not bloggers are journalists, or idiots. And about whether corporations should blah blah blog.
Dear New Media consultants: any time you start to think that new media is making inroads into corporate settings, think about these fossils …. er, folks.