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Amanda Chapel started a blog today. She wants to build her name and her traffic. So she writes a post about Steve Rubel, asking people to take bets about how long he’ll last in his new job at Edelman.
She sends the following pitch to me and a host of other bloggers trying to stir things up.

Place You Bets, Ghoulish Office Pool Spreads
Filed Sunday, March 26, 2006
Guess Rubel’s Exit Date and Win Big
I happen to eavesdrop in on a conversation on the shop floor down at the “image factory” last week. About six of our young chicks were sitting around the lunch table cackling. The topic of course was clients… and boys. The chit chat touched on “March Madness” and oddly turned to Stevel Rubel of Micropersuasion fame. Well, turns out there is a hot office pool presently and it’s not the Final Four; it’s how long Rubel will last at Edelman. How totally catty… but how absolutely fun! Apparently, it’s not limited to our office. It’s ended up inboxes[sic] throughout our network globally.
Here are the particulars: The pool obviously is by date. The calendar starts May 27th, accounting for a standard 90-day grace period. It’s $25 a square.
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Dear Amanda: Yes, it’s totally catty. Not, it’s not absolutely fun. It comes across exactly like what it is, piggybacking on a big name to try to build your own reputation. Yecch. Sorry, but I find your tactic unappealing at best and unethical at worst. If you’d like to build an audience, build up some original content with credible sources.
Here’s some advice about how to make your blog stand out.