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Emphasis on Instagram, ads and mobile

Facebook-Business-ResourcesFacebook for Business is now featuring its marketing resources in a monthly blog post.

The first post, published March 30, shares all the major product announcements and resources that have launched since the start of the year. (And it includes that image, which seems a rather odd choice.)

New Facebook products & features

* Canvas, a new full-screen mobile ad experience, along with explanations of how it’s been used by L’Occitane and Carnival Cruise Line.
* New features for Leads ads, including new CRM partners and updates to make signing up for information easier.
* Updated features for Video ads, and examples from Taco Bell and Strongbow.
* Creative guidelines for the Carousel format
* The first five episodes of the Pub in Pub series, which this year is focused on brands using Instagram to connect with people.
* Nine new 15-minute Blueprint e-learning courses, with six focused on Instagram.