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holly.pngGrab your suntan lotion, your beach blanket, your enormous sunglasses, and your lipstick because “a girl can’t read that sort of thing without her lipstick.” But whatever you do, read Holly Would Dream, Karen Quinn’s delightful new novel. (Yes, It’s chicklit, but the good kind.)
Holly Would Dream is big fun, and I’m not just saying that because Benny Bix Ochman Labradoodle Puppy and I are immortalized in it. We both play ourselves, except I have my dream job of running a doggie boarding place. Benny can play himself, and I think maybe Kate Winslet or Bette Midler should play me in the movie. This would fulfill another dream of mine, where Benny works and I don’t. Who do you think should play me in the movie?
Holly Would Dream is about a woman who wishes her life could be like an Audrey Hepburn romantic comedy and it feels a lot like a classic Hollywood movie that would star Cary Grant and, maybe, Grace Kelly.
When Quinn’s second novel, Wife in the Fast Lane, was published, I created an online contest for her. Among the many fabulous prizes was the chance to become a character in then-unnamed next novel. There was intrigue and fun, cheating, and silliness, but the rightful winners were finally chosen from among more than 750 entries. They were:

Nichole Cannon who wrote the winning essay, and who becomes senior curator of the Costume Institute at the Met in the book.
Candice Broom another top dog at the Met, who did the winning contest video.
Elizabeth Blair, who wrote the winning one-liner and is portrayed as a hottie who tries to join the Mile High Club with Pops. Says Quinn, “I asked Beth’s permission before assigning her to such a floozy character.”
Last but not least, Holly called her character an “unconscionable trout,” which is what someone called us when we created a funny blog ad maligning Anna Nicole Smith’s death.