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Kinesis Advantage KeyboardPlease excuse my typing. This is my sexy new ergonomic keyboard that i just got today. It’s a Kinesis Advantage and using it is a little like learningto type all over again.

I got it becauxe my hands are getting sore and sometimes tingly, the telltale signs of enchroaching carpal tunnel. I also have something called chicken plucker’s thumb, although i am a vegetarian and try not to eat anything with parents.

I, for three years, was so crippled by co,puters that I sometimes had ti tie strings to drawer pulls and open them with my teeth while my hands healed.

i’ve since changed my workstation, lowering my keyboard to my map and using a headset when typing and talking.I’ll let you know how long it takes til i am back to 90 words a minute. i’m down to about 10 right now.