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Dear wonderful readers: Two weeks ago, I started my new gig, with the title chosen by my readers: Managing Director of Emerging Media for Proof Integrated Communications, the digital marketing arm of Burson-Marsteller.
I have never had a corporate job, and having had my own companies since 1981. Now that the work I’ve been doing for client for the past 10 years is in vogue, this seemed like the right time to accept the opportunity to be part of something bigger than me, to help shape Proof’s growth, and to work with a team of smart people.
Silos and roadblocks
Even with all the meetings, the minute departmentalization, and the fact that you can’t just do stuff yourself, I’m liking it a lot! It’s interesting, challenging, hectic, and fun.
There’s been a lot to get used to. And a whole lot to learn about who is who and what is what.
I’m baaaack!
So please forgive my relative silence over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been on overwhelm!
But I’m baaack, and I will continue Tweeting, posting here and on FriendFeed, and keeping up with my other social networks. Because, given the pace of change, if I don’t keep doing all the things that make me who I am – a bit of a pioneer in the emerging media space – I’ll be useless in six months.
And of course, I’ll continue my partnership in – where you can make great Valentine’s gifts featuring photos of your loved one’s pets.