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OMG I got a job! I’m joining Proof Digital Media as Managing Director of ____. (Scroll down for job details)
I’m crowd-sourcing my title, and I’d love to have your opinion. Please take the poll in the left column and tell me what I should call my new role.

I don’t want to have social media in my title because social media is just a set of tools which will continue to evolve until they are simply regarded as part of the marketing toolbox. And there’s no way I would ever use the words “guru”, “ninja,” or “expert” in my title. Puh-lese!
I don’t want to have a silly title, or one that makes people’s first response “What’s that?” So my dear readers, what do you think I should have as my title? If you have suggestions other than the ones in the poll, please add them in comments on this post.

Once all suggestions are in, I’ll set up voting on my new title here.
hugh-SMSpecialist.jpgThe J-O-B Deets
I’ve accepted a terrific offer to join Proof Digital Media – the new digital marketing arm of Burson-Marsteller. I’ll report to Proof CEO Jay Leveton, and have been given the opportunity to help guide the agency into the forefront of new media agencies.
I’ll continue writing What’s Next Blog, which is an Ad Age Power 150 blog, writing for AdAge DigitalNext, Digiday Social, Social Media Today and others. And I’ll continue as co-founder and blogger at the pet lovers’ site
Three’s a trend!
My particular brand of ignorance is very much in demand, and headhunters had been ringing me up in droves lately. Hiring long-time independent consultants is part of a fast-growing trend among agencies. Proof made me a great offer, to work with and learn from, a terrific team.
My friend David Armano, recently joined Edelman, and Neville Hobson joined WeissComm.
Clients are scrambling to add social media to their marketing mix, yet there is a major dearth of consultants and agencies who actually walk the walk and have case studies to prove it.
I’ve had my own business since 1981, and I’ve been helping major corporations including IBM, McGraw-Hill, American Greetings, Ford Motors, Simon & Schuster, Meijer, and Cendant integrate social media into their marketing since 1995.
Although I’ve been in my own business for decades, it’s clear that the climate and timing are right to join a major organization with the resources and talent to become the leading agency in the digital space. It’s an opportunity not only to help guide Proof’s growth, but also to interact with the biggest companies in the world to help them engineer the sea change that marketing is undergoing.
And, I think it’s going to be fun.
Cartoon by Hugh Macleod