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pq_media.jpgPQ Media released its $895 report on social media advertising today, with blinding flashes of the obvious. According to the downloadable executive summary, social media advertising will continue to grow. No news there. And the report makes the debatable prediction that podcast advertising sponsorship will grow faster than, and outpace blog advertising by 2010.

“We predict user-generated online media spending will continue to expand at triple-digit rates for the rest of the decade, fueled by the media’s strengthening reach and engagement, more effective advertising networks, and the gradual shift of ad dollars by brand marketers to alternative media.
“We expect podcast advertising to be a larger market than blogs by 2010, primarily as a result of the medium’s more attractive audio and video components.”

Do you need to spend $900 to find out that social media advertising is growing exponentially? Dunno. If you follow marketing trends in blogs and even mainstream media, there’s nothing new here. If you’re a total newbie, and you have a spare $900, it could be a place to start.
If you’d like to learn about blog advertising, the home page of and my 2004 article< Blogs Are a Good Buy for Advertisers But Fear and Ignorance Keep Media Buyers Away are two good places to start.