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obamacardforblog.pngWhat if your dog, cat, gerbil, hamster, horse, etc. became the Obama family pet? See how great that would look at! Start here.
Upload a photo of your pet here and we’ll show you how to add it to this Obama family photo.
Then you can send your friends an e-card (gratis) to show off your soon-to-be-famous pet. You can put the picture on a t-shirt too! It’s quick and easy with the Pawfun Design Wizard.
Coming soon: Pawfun visitors will vote on which pet they think should join the Obama family in the White House. is the new site my partner, Caimin Jones, and I just launched. Please go there to put your dog, cat, horse, gerbil, parrot, hamster or goldfish on a custom photo t-shirt that you design and we print.
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Courtesy of Pawfun
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