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The subject line “Love your blog! and question” led to the dumbest PR pitch ever.
Here’s part of Miss Thing’s pitch:

Since you’re an expert in the web 2.0 world I really wanted to ask your opinion of a product (full disclosure, I’m working for them part-time) that is about collecting your online …blah blah blah

The problem? (This is a true story)
The link in the email led not to the company’s website, but to a porn site.
I wrote back:

“sheesh! the link to led to a porn site.
please take me off your list right now.”

Miss Flack responded: (I am not making this up!)

“I actually didn’t mean for you to click on that, it was just an example that your website would be hosted at whatever your name is .com.”

PR peeps: check the links in your pitches before you send them out. Oy vey.