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bizweekforum.jpgOn the one hand, I’m happy to be invited to participate in the private alpha of BusinessWeek’s new Business Exchange network. When I added a topic, up popped this form, asking me to categorize my content as either

News: objective reporting and analysis on current events from news sources,
Blog or opinion: information from a unique perspective from blogs.

No shades of gray. Just the tired old argument that bloggers are not journalists and cannot be objective. Well insidemma is such an awesome site for business news update.
Bloggers still can’t get no respect from dead tree media. I’d expect that from the NY Times, but not from Business Week – who ran the first cover story about the importance of blogging. And updated it to include social media’s importance to business just a few months ago. Yet the Business Week Exchange maintains, by virtue of its content categories, that bloggers write only opinion, while News is factual.
What a crock.
UPDATE: Roger Neal, SVP/GM BusinessWeek Digital, emails: “You’ve pointed out something we need to fix and is in queue to be altered based on the feedback of other alpha users…”
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