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By B.L. Ochman @whatsnext

1.2 Million Americans Have Been Killed by Guns Since John Lennon Was Murdered

36 years ago today I was in Muncie, Indiana, when we heard that John Lennon was senselessly murdered.

I was working with Emmy award-winning director Peter Davis (Hearts & Minds) on a PBS special about Muncie, which sociologists call the typical American town. The series was called Middletown.

We were devastated when we heard the news. But when we came out of our hotel, we were proud of Muncie. Much of the town was in line at the local record store, waiting to buy music by John Lennon.

People were crying, and I still feel like crying when I think of this senseless murder by a sick man with easy access to a gun.

Since 1968 — the year the Beatles released the White Album — more Americans have been killed by gun violence than in all U.S. wars throughout history, combined.

Here’s my all-time fave Lennon song, “Instant Karma”