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starfish.pngPeople! This is inexcusable! Curt Hopkins, experienced communications professional and journalist, needs a job. And you need to hire him or help him get one! Get busy.
This post is inspired by an email I got from him today, and L Eiseley’s allegory, “The Star Thrower”. Read them both and then contact Curt with work.
Hello Close Personal Friend:
First, let me say sorry for mass-mailing you on Labor Day. If this note angries up your blood, let me know and I promise I will put your email address to bed. I wouldn’t normally do this, but desperate times call for etc. and so forth.
Considering my well-known status as a Prince of Leisure, it is probably no surprise to you that I’ve used the last seven months post-layoff to plant a garden, rewrite a novel, translate a book of Spanish poetry, play soccer–or “football” as it is known in Europe — and work on the start of a nice ulcer. However, enough is enough. I need a job and I’m hoping you, and your ilk, can be my ticket to out of this dump.
As most of you already know, my professional life consists mainly of two areas: journalism and corporate communications. As a journalist, I’ve written for Newsweek, LA Times, San Francisco Bay Guardian, an NPR radio affiliate and many others. I’ve covered everything from American Indian politics and culture to Central American economics to city council meetings. In the area of communications, I’ve worked or consulted for, Visa, PB Works and many others. I’ve placed press, devised communications and messaging strategy, written brochures, designed the flow of content on websites and, for several years now, used social media for to participate in and increase conversation around a company or product.

For a great deal more detail on my experience and skills, please take a look at my blog’s About page
Please let me know if you or the company you work for are hiring for anything that seems sensible considering my experience. If you know someone at another company who is hiring please forward my information or send me their contact specifics so I can send hit them with my resume.
As cuckoo bananas as a long-term job search in a melodramatic economy makes me, I have a great deal to be thankful for, and hope that the same goes for you.

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