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puzzlepieces.jpgThe most rewarding result of my online career is the global network of smart people I’ve met as a result. They’re people who’ve helped brands large and small join and thrive in the online world. People who often are ahead of the curve – sometimes by years. Although others might brand them so, these are people who do not call themselves “social media gurus.”
And now, by joining the new worldwide alliance called Adhocnium, I am joining an un-agency comprised of experienced creative specialists in communications and technology, with stellar track records and expertise in communications and technology; with insights on integrated marketing, PR, branding, and social media. Chris Heuer is the catalyst for Adhocnium, and the manager of this all-star team.
Nope, It’s Not a Job. It’s an un-Agency
The beauty part is that we each maintain our own separate businesses. We will come together in experience-based teams on an ad hoc basis, to help companies with strategic planning, creative campaigns, leveraging technology for market engagement, program audits and more. Our team and our services are in development.
Each of us has our own business. Some of us have more than one. I am in the midst of launching, for example, in addition to A year from now, I hope Pawfun and its spin-offs will be my full-time work. But I’m not about to pass up the opportunity to work with and learn from my colleagues at Adhocnium. Sleep, after all, is for sissies. :>)

Here’s how Chris describes Adhocmium:

“AdHocnium is an ad-hoc agency on several levels, most especially in regards to our approach to building teams. We aren’t limited to working with the people who work for the agency, we are able to build what Pierre-Yves Platini called “a dream team” of deep thinkers, subject matter experts, strategists and media technologists.
Of course, the interesting thing is that our Creative Catalysts aren’t employees of AdHocnium, they are a part of our trust network. Further, out collective networks reach the fartheset corners of the corporate, freelance and agency worlds so we can bring in anyone else, or work with any other firm without conflicts.”

At present, our catalysts include:
o Chris Heuer
o Adriana Lukas
o J.D. Lasica
o Tom Foremski
o Adrian Chan
o Brian Solis
o Neville Hobson
o David Parmet
o Alex de Carvalho
o Ayelet Noff
o Shel Holtz
o B.L. Ochman
o Ronna Porter
How will this all work out? Too soon too tell. Too great an idea to ignore. Please stay tuned.
– Shel Holtz This Time, the Time Might Be Right