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Book a GooglePlus Helpout with me, B.L. Ochman, G+ Wiz so I can show you how your agency or brand can maximize the impact of GooglePlus.

Set it up today!

To help you create an ROI-based plan for GooglePlus success for your agency or brand, I’ll share my extensive experience in G+ strategies and tools to reduce your learning curve, expedite your results and implement an effective plan to establish your successful presence in one of the most important platforms ever created for your business.

When you hire B.L. Ochman, think: save time, save money, save aggravation.

Here’s what you’ll get from B.L. Ochman, the GooglePlus Wiz:
– a competitive advantage,
– a powerful search optimization strategy
– and a new revenue stream for your client work.

I can also show you how to use the new GooglePlus Hangouts on Air — a remarkable, feature-rich, FREE, app for live video meetings, training, presentations, product launches, demonstrations or performances for one or one million people.

And, since I’m a YouTube Partner and Google-certified YouTube Channel Creator, I can set up your YouTube channel and help you post, edit, brand and optimize your Hangouts on Air.

Let’s get started. Book some of my time for a GooglePlus Helpout today!