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ad_age_power150.pngThe AdAge Power 150 launches in the current edition of Ad Age. We’re proud to be Number 14 this week.
So what does this mean?

o Wider acceptance of blogging by mainstream media.
o Good likelihood that the next President will have a blogger-in-chief on staff
o Increase in advertising on the top 25-30 blogs in the rankings
o Bragging rights for all involved
o And that old standby, probably not much

The ranking was started by Todd And(rik), who continues to contribute his “secret sauce.”
Valeria Maltoni extracted a list of the Top 20 Power PR Women from the Power 150 and I am yikes, Number One.
Nice, and I am honored because it is a distinguished list of accomplished women. But I do not consider myself a PR woman, having left behind PR some 10 years ago for Internet and social media marketing strategy. Sadly, I have very little regard for the frequently clueless and ethics-challenged way PR, in general, is now practiced.