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metro_logo.jpgPaul Berger interviews me today about corporate blogging (page 4) in Metro New York, the free paper given out all over the city. It’s also the biggest newspaper in the world, Berger says, with 61 daily Metro editions in 88 major cities in 19 countries in 18 languages across Europe, North & South America and Asia.
What’s the idea behind Ethics Crisis?

Ethics Crisis was created to promote SRF Global Translations, which specializes in translating ethics compliance and marketing materials for multinational corporations. …we decided to focus on global buisness ethics issues in the blog, providing news, information and resources about translations and ethics compliance. I also added a weird, fun features allowing anonymous confessions of the worst thing people have evver done in business and letting readers rate and comment on the confessions. Bingo!

“Any advice for business owners about blogging?”

Everyone and her dog already has a blog. Make sure you have a good reason to start and sustain a blog. And make it fun. Make your customers smile. Laugh even. … Hardly any bloggers have any sense of humor.