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sick_bird.jpgIt came on like a ton of bricks on Monday, between 8 and 9 p.m.
Tuesday: Being a stubborn sort, I worked until about 4 and then slept for 14 hours, with intermittent Twitter breaks to whine about how sick I am and get sympathy tweets.
Wednesday, a lost day spent watching videos. Which videos? Dunno. Grandma sore throat remedy of the day: cold washcloth, wrapped in saran wrap. wrap that in a wool scarf. change the washcloth when it gets hot.
Result: it feels nice to have my throat wrapped, but I still have a sore throat.
Thursday: Feel like I’ve been run hard and put away wet. Can’t pick up my head.
Grandma sore throat remedy of the day: juice of a lemon, honey, cayenne pepper. My sister remembered it as “canine pepper.” Result: still have a terrible sore throat, but it tasted nice.
Got a sore throat remedy for me to try?
Friday: turns out i have bronchitis. $7 a pill antibiotics yet to kick in. Cancelled everything for today and tomorrow too. Sigh.