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titlevotes.pngThe votes are in: my crowd-sourced new title is Managing Director of Emerging Media for Proof Digital Media, the interactive marketing agency of Burson-Marsteller.
In comments here and on Twitter, suggestions for my title ranged from interesting to edgy to silly to mundane.
Among my favorites:

God damn it.
I totally wish I had thought of this.
Stuart Foster (referring to crowd-sourcing my title)
BL congrats! and congrats! to the smart people at Proof Digital Media for their vision to bring you on board.
Managing Director of Intelligent(er) Conversations and Customer-Centric Awesomeness wouldn’t work on a card, but you sure fit the title :-)
Dear amiga, my best wishes to you, and kudos to BM for waking up mid-morning.
Congratulations! They are ridiculously lucky to have such an amazing brain on board. Hmmm. Maybe that could be your title:
BL Ochman, Amazing Brain
You likey?
Caroline Golon

thanks.pngI was totally overwhlemed by my first week at my first corporate job, and often felt like I was on a new planet. But the work is challenging, exciting, interesting, and fun. And I’ve been given the opportunity to work with and learn from a lot of smart people.
I was jones-ing to post to my blogs, and to Tweet, but the first week went by in a whoosh. I’m baaaack to blogging and Tweeting and will be keeping my ear to the ground for new and interesting developments both online and off.
I’ll continue writing What’s Next Blog, which is an Ad Age Power 150 blog, writing for AdAge DigitalNext, Digiday Social, Social Media Today and others.
And I’ll continue as co-founder and blogger at the pet lovers’ site, where you can create and share a free photo e-card featuring your favorite pet photo and design a variety of great products featuring your pet.