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Amy’s Baking Company Boutique & Bistro is in the midst of one of the most epic social media fails ever.

AMY Bakery1

Their insane tirade has gone viral in under 24 hours and you can bet you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Amy's tirade2
Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, owners of the restaurant, were recently featured on an episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. They were dumped by Ramsey after being too difficult to work with.

Last night, they took to the restaurant’s Facebook page to “defend themselves” against nasty comments from users.
One Yelp review, for example, called them “bat shit crazy.” Which seems to just about sum it up.

You do have to wonder: why couldn’t they shut up?
Amy's Baking

Bonus Link: Screaming, Expletives, and, Eventually, Police: All in the First Night of Kitchen Nightmares Taping at Amy’s Baking Company