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stacks_launch.pngThis morning, my client, Stacks and Stacks, the San Francisco-based retailer of products for innovative home and office organization, launched a new blog called Clutter Control Freak.
Clutter Control Freak is written by Stacks and Stacks staff experts and a distinguished group of bloggers and professional organizers. It will contain a significant amount of user-generated content in the form of videos, photos, tips and product reviews.
Categories include:
o Freak of the Week – the best organizing project of the week, selected by readers
o Clutter Hacks
o Reader Reviews of clutter control products
o Before & after photos
o House tours
I helped Stacks and Stacks establish its online presence back in 1998 and I’m proud to be working with them all these years later. A lot of bloggers, me included, have been contemplating the next step for blogging. Clutter Control Freak’s combination of professional organizers and a large percentage of multi-media, reader-generated content is a part of blogging’s evolution. We hope all the interactive content will keep Stacks’ readers and writers interested and involved.
Clutter Control Freak joins a growing number of blogs that aim to help us organize our way too busy lives, including Unclutterer, Dumb Little Man, and 43 Folders – each with its own unique point of view.
Come take a look at Clutter Control Freak. There’s something special for the first 25 people who enter meaningful comments or upload content on relevant posts.