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RAK_Small_logo.jpgI’m interviewed today in an Atlanta Constitution article on how to improve your chances of getting consumer problems resolved.
Here’s an excerpt:

Consumers often put up with poor products and shoddy service, shoving that faulty battery charger to the back of the junk drawer or bite their tongue when a clerk says that blinds scheduled to arrive last Friday simply aren’t in yet. Many hate to be rude or lack the energy to argue for better treatment when a product fails to deliver. But that’s not the best approach.
“This is business. You buy something, it should work,” says B.L. Ochman, a New York blogger ( and Internet marketing strategist. “If it doesn’t, or if you’re not happy with it, the company should make good.”
If you don’t complain, businesses have no reason to correct bad behavior, says Ochman, who used to own a company called Rent-a-Kvetch that complained on behalf of disgruntled customers. She even secured a free case of Twinkies for a man who bought a boxful that contained no filling.
“There should be a consequence when a company screws up, the same way there would be one if you screwed up,” Ochman says.